21 Weeks

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How far along are you? 21 weeks 1 day Cravings? Orange juice, milk and pizza. Although I can’t say any of my cravings have been super strong except the orange juice, which is strange since I never drank or craved orange juice or milk before this pregnancy. Now I drink both every day! Pizza, on the other hand, I’m trying to limit to once a week!Weight Gain: I don’t have another doctor’s appointment until next week, so I have no idea!  Perhaps 15 pounds?Fears: This is incredibly silly, but this week I’ve been battling body image issues as my body continues to grow and change. I’m SO thankful for these changes, because it means our little one is thriving and growing (yay!) but it’s still hard to see your body changing in such extreme ways. It’s something I’m surrendering control of daily. I try to remind myself that I’m eating healthfully and sensibly, and my body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing, growing this baby, Praise God! On the flip side, I’ve been worrying about baby not growing enough, since that’s something my doctor will be monitoring monthly with our 2-vessel cord. Reminding myself daily that it’s truly out of my control! Generally Feeling: Really good! I’ve been sleeping better and exercising more, mainly in the form of long walks. My appetite has really dropped off lately, but I think that has more to do with the fact that Joe and I both seemed to get a very mild case of food poisoning last week that took away both our appetites. Other than that, I’m feeling wonderful. Looking Forward To: Thank you for your tips on registering! Joe and I decided, with your suggestions, to use Baby List, and it’s been so fun to put together our registry with items from a variety of stores and sources. I’ll admit I’m still totally clueless, but I’m having fun thinking more about our baby’s arrival as I add items to the registry. It makes it seem so much more real. And Joe and I purchased our first item of clothing for baby which was so much fun. What I’ve Been Loving: Still absolutely loving all the movement of this little one. Lots of kicks and rolls that I can tell are getting stronger! Also, I feel like my bump has popped out a little more (see above photo) which makes sense since it seems baby is moving up, too. Maternity Clothes? Dressing is becoming increasingly difficult. I still don’t have a large bump, just a small/medium sized one that is hard to accentuate but hard to hide, too, so I find that I’m just sitting somewhere in the middle right now. It’s a fun challenge to try and maintain your personal sense of style while pregnant and figure out what works for you/your body. Boy or Girl: Keeping it a surprise until March!