The Espresso and Cream Home Tour: Blog Room

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The Espresso and Cream home tour continues! I’ve been dragging these posts out a bit longer than intended, but last weekend I finally got around to snapping photos of many of the rooms in our house right after I cleaned on Saturday. I’m planning on making them a little more regular in the weeks and months to come. I hope you don’t mind mixing it up on this little food blog!

The room I’m sharing with you today is called “the blog room” around our house. I feel a little silly having an entire room devoted to blogging, especially since it’s just a hobby. But we had the space and weren’t sure what else we would do with the room, so Joe let me claim it as the most girly, creative space in the house.

This little room is on the smaller side and has the feel of a sunroom, since it has windows on three sides and a door that opens into the house on the remaining wall. It’s ultra bright and happy and filled with plenty of natural light that makes for great pictures. It’s also the only room upstairs that has carpet, giving it a cozy feel.

In the photo above, you can see the corner of the room devoted to my small desk (Target) with my favorite white chair (Homegoods) and various other wall decorations. The photo of Aurdrey Hepburn was a gift from my dad for my 18th birthday. It’s a framed original photo from some of the promo materials shot while filming My Fair Lady. I love it so much and it will follow me until I die.



The magazine racks, above, were gifts from our wedding. They are from Pottery Barn and are super handy for keeping magazines and other inspirational material. The bottom rack is reserved for mail that needs our attention, like bills, records and information, etc.



The butcher block, above, is another super unique element in the room. I inherited it after my grandmother passed away this spring and it was shipped all the way from North Carolina. What you can’t see is that the block, which is a 1900’s original from a meat packing plant, is completely solid and weighs around 700 pounds. We needed four large men to get the thing in place so it’s never moving. Some day I would love to find a way to include it in a kitchen floorplan and actually use it, but that’s a long way down the road.



Minneapolis is home to the only Room and Board outlet in the country, so we certainly took advantage of that fact when we moved here. The bookshelves are from the outlet and make a great addition to the room. I knew that I wanted shelves that showed off the eclectic mix of props I have collected over the years (like the cups pictured below) so doing exposed shelves was the prefect solution!



And this large basket vase with artificial flowers is a nodd to our wedding! We used these at our wedding and I was excited to find a home for them in our house. The flowers give the room a bright, light and breezy feel that makes me instantly uplifted.

Well, I think that’s it for the blog room. Like I said, it’s not a very big room, so there isn’t much to show. Up next? The kitchen!