Our (New) Morning Favorite: Matcha

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In an attempt to be semi-frugal about our grocery shopping Joe and I typically make most of our purchases at Trader Joes and Costco. Between our weekly TJ’s trip and our bi-monthly Costco visits, we can get pretty much everything we need while still staying on budget. I also happen to love Whole Foods and could easily spend hours browsing the isles on a Saturday morning if left to my own devices. However, I try to keep trips to WF limited, since I always end up purchasing much more than I need or than our grocery budget allows.

All of this really has nothing to do with our new found love of matcha tea lattes other than the fact that last week I took Joe to Whole Foods in search of matcha powder. Then paid $32 (!!) for a canister of the stuff. Joe thought I was crazy, but in the name of good health he agreed that buying expensive matcha was a good thing to do. (I think I’m making that up. What I really mean is that he let me buy it and said it better make us feel amazing.)

What is matcha you ask? It’s green tea powder that’s absolutely packed with antioxidants and brimming with health benefits including:
-Increased energy
-Boosted metabolism
-Disease fighting and prevention against aging (it contains 10x more antioxidants than regular green tea)
-May help fight cancer


I’m not entirely sure if drinking a cup of matcha every morning is going to cure all physical ails and turn me into superwoman, but it can’t hurt to hope, right? Joe has taken to drinking a matcha latte with milk every morning in place of his morning cup of coffee and I find that it makes a great afternoon pick-me-up.

Thanks to my friend, Natalie, for inspiring me to try matcha for the first time! If you are looking for a how-to post on making matcha tea lattes Natalie has a great little video on her site that is extremely helpful. Side note: I haven’t quite mastered the art of making a matcha latte that is 100% smooth, as evidenced by the green specks in my photos. I’m working on it!

Have you tried matcha? If so, what do you think of it and how do you use it?