Let’s Talk Chambray

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Since it’s the Wednesday before Christmas and we’ve all got the holidays on our brain, let’s talk about something light hearted and inconsequential, mmkay? Like Chambray shirts, specifically this shirt from J. Crew that I’m wearing. After seeing photo after photo of adorable style bloggers wearing chambray shirts (I’m looking at you, Kendi), I decided that it was high time for me to purchase one of my very own.

Chambray is versatile! It goes with anything and everything! It’s cute and comfortable! Or so I was told.

Last weekend while Joe and I were up in Minneapolis, I had lunch with my dearest (and most stylish) friend, Emily, who happened to be wearing the exact same chambray shirt I own. We spent a hefty chunk of time lamenting about how awkward we feel every time we wear the shirt. Personally, I feel so manly (and like I belong in the early 90’s) every time I wear mine.

So tell me, how do you feel about chambray shirts? Do you own one and love it? Is it just my shirt, or do others feel the same way I do?