Espresso and Cream Gives Back

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Happy Friday, friends! Today, I’m celebrating my 25th birthday! I took the day off of work to celebrate (aka staying in my sweats all morning and drinking a crazy amount of coffee) and I have some other news near and dear to my heart to share with you.

Ever since I started Espresso and Cream, three years ago, I had hopes that this site would be able to make a difference in some way. As you already know, E&C generates some revenue (a small amount) each month through the advertisements on the site. Starting this month, some of the money generated on E&C will go toward a monthly sponsorship of a child through Compassion International! The little girl E&C is sponsoring is pictured above. Her name is Anai and she is a four-year-old little girl living in Honduras. The money will go toward meeting basic needs, like clothing and food, and enabling her to get an education as she gets older.

Thank YOU so much for reading E&C and making this possible. Without your readership, E&C wouldn’t be able to do this!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!