The Dark Side

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If you follow me on Instagram (madisonjanemayberry) you may have already seen pictures of what went down in the salon on Wednesday. If not, I’m here to bring you photos. To say it was a major change is an understatement, right? Holy dark! I went to my stylist without a picture (for the first time in forever, mistake number 1) and said that I wanted to be brunette. I think our definitions of brunette are a little different, because man this is a bit different than I had thought it would be. I’m hoping that over the next couple months, the color fades into something a little more natural, but for now I’m just rolling with the dark and dramatic look.

Seeing as that I’m not a natural blonde, it was time that I went a little darker for the health of my hair. And since I want to grow it long more than anything, I’m all about healthy hair. Speaking of healthy hair, I’ve been having major issues with hair loss lately. At first, I thought it might be due to the change in hormones from when I stopped taking birth control pills, and the stress I’ve been under probably has a little to do with it, too. To be safe, I’m going to the doctor next week to make sure it’s not an underlying health problem. But in the meantime, tell me this:

Have any of you had success with certain hair products that have made your hair fuller, stronger and generally healthier? I need to know!