Seeking Inspiration

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Over the past couple weeks, life has gotten the best of me. A series of difficult events have compounded on one another and drained me of my creative and emotional juices as of late. The sun is starting to shine a little brighter around these parts over the past few days, but I’m five steps behind and trying desperately to catch back up. Do you ever experience times like these?

So today, No Fat Talk Tuesday will have to wait. As will my pile of laundry and the dust bunnies under our bed. Today, my first priority is my family (including a puppy with a bladder infection) and my work. And tonight? It’s all about trying grilled pizza for the first time!

Lately, I’ve realized that the best way to use my iPhone is for capturing images in magazines that inspire me and get my creative juices flowing. Hopefully we can look at all these snapshots and feel a little more motivated to create, dream and recharge.