What do you eat?

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When I was home in Idaho a couple weeks ago, my dad asked me (earnestly, not in a sarcastic manner), “What do you eat?” You see, my dad’s a very healthy eater, but the world of vegetarianism is an uncharted world to him. After returning home, his question stuck with me. What do I eat? Normal things, of course! It was so familiar to me, that I hardly knew how to answer the question.

So to answer the question, I made a habit of snapping a few photos before I sat down to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dad, and everyone else reading, here is what I eat…

{Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and sugar-free jam with coffee, of course}
{Cornmeal-crusted baked tofu, broccoli and slow-cooker black beans for lunch.}

{Steamed green beans with spray butter, whole wheat toast with 
Laughing Cow cheese wedges and grapes.}
{Whole wheat tortilla, roasted asparagus with caramelized onions, 
black beans and mashed avocado for dinner.}
{And, of course, the occasional mini cupcake for dessert. Aren’t these the cutest?}
Vegetarians or vegans out there: What do YOU eat? Anything crazy creative or out of the box?