Easter Weekend in Idaho

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Last weekend Joe and I hopped a plane and headed off to Idaho to see my family (dad, second mom, little sisters). My dad’s sister, Gwen, flew in from Florida for the weekend, too. I can’t tell you how great it was to be able to spend time with everyone. We did a lot of normal, everyday things, including watching my little sister Taylor run in her first track meet and attending my other little sister Ashley’s sorority philanthropy event. And on Sunday, we got to visit my family’s new church in Idaho for an Easter Sunday service and eat brunch together before heading back to Idaho.

Since we got in late last night, we’re scrambling to get things back in order before the work week begins. There’s grocery shopping to be done, workouts to be done, dogs to be walked and laundry to be done. I’ll see you tomorrow with a No Fat Talk Tuesday post!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend away…

{I love this house. Actually, I love all the houses in Boise. If Joe and I had careers that led us to Idaho, I wouldn’t be upset, since I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this place.}
{Taylor is a 6th grader and was running in her first track meet. She competed in the long jump and ran the 100 m dash, 4×100 m relay and the 200 m. Go Tay!}

{It was a little bit chilly and pretty windy at the track meet. We spent most of the time bundled up and covered in blankets to keep warm.}
{We attended a philanthropy event called Mr. Alpha Chi at my sister’s sorority. It was, essentially, a male beauty and talent pageant. It was hilarious and my sister did such a great job helping to coordinate the event.}
{New Cole Haan shoes purchased in NYC. Is it me, or do they look a little like Easter eggs?}
{Family Cavalier, Jake, taking some time away from all the people by hiding under the desk.}
{Taylor helped out with making Easter brunch. Strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream? I’m certainly not going to say no to that.}
{The table was even set in Easter colors!}
{Sad to be saying goodbye, but already looking forward to having my family come
visit us in Grinnell this summer.}
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If you partake in Easter festivities, how does your family celebrate?