Saying Goodbye

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On Monday morning after almost 91 years of life, my Grandma Dorothy passed away after suffering a stroke the week before.

To say she was an amazing woman would be an understatement. An educated woman and teacher by trade, my grandma devoted much of her life to being a wife, raising her five children and managing life on the farm – which from what I’ve been told was packed with hard, physical work.

Dorothy’s greatest joy was, without a doubt, her family. She lived for her kids and grand kids, always calling to see what they were up to and making sure everyone was safe and doing well. Dorothy was a devout, if not the most devout, reader of Espresso and Cream, and never did a ball game, school play or musical pass without grandma in attendance. And, most importantly, her greatest desire was that her family learned to love and serve the Lord in all situations and circumstances.

For me personally, my grandma’s legacy lies in the kitchen. I remember my mom telling me that no one could make a pie (and more specifically a pie crust) quite like her. Although her pies would never win awards based on presentation, they certainly delivered on taste. She was the keeper of our family’s Thanksgiving stuffing recipe and even taught my cousin, Angela, and me how to make Saucijsjes this past Christmas.

Perhaps one of the more amazing facets of Grandma Dorothy’s personality was how humble she was. Even in areas where she excelled (trading stocks, baking and cooking, etc.) she was not one to brag or talk about herself. Her interests were, first and foremost, for those around her, and it showed by the way she impacted so many.

I suppose this is more a string of random thoughts than a cohesive post. But I’m finding it a bit difficult to put a lifetime of experiences and sweet memories into a few short paragraphs. I just wanted to share with you a little glimpse into what an amazing woman she was and share with you where I am at this week.

Thanks for your support.