The Name Game

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I can hardly believe that Joe and I have already been married for close to five months. In the months leading up to the wedding there was only one thing I was a bit unsettled about: changing my last name. I have an unusually strong attachment to my last name, in part because of the connection I feel it gives me to my family’s heritage, and in part because I love the way it sounds.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten compliments on my name, Madison Mayberry, because of the way it flows together. Maybe it seems a bit vain, but I was having a very hard time with the idea of letting it go.

I’ve played around with a variety of options, including hyphenating my last name, keeping my name as it is, or adding a double middle name and using my former last name as a second middle name. Since my middle name has family significance, dropping it completely really isn’t an option. As of now, I’m legally still Madison Jane Mayberry.

So, I guess I want to hear what you all think! If you are married, what did you decide to do? And if you are single, what do you plan to do when you get married?