Wedding Shoes

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A couple weeks ago, my mom came to do some work on the wedding. We crafted, shopped for decorating supplies and bought my wedding shoes (pictured above)!

Since I’m quite tall (just shy of 5’10) I was serious about buying flats or something with a very, very low heel. Typically, I don’t shy away from high heels. Joey is tall (around 6’4) so that’s not an issue, but the last thing I wanted was to look back at my wedding photos and see me, towering over everyone else in a white dress.

My mom, however, has never met a flat she likes and a heel she doesn’t, so after a bit of debate and a lot of browsing, I landed on a shoe that both of us love. In fact, as the days go by I love my shoes more and more. I know that wedding shoes, for some people, are a huge deal. Brides spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect shoe, but I am not that bride.

These shoes are so unbelievably comfortable, have a sturdy, low heel, and a pearly exterior that compliments the look and feel of my dress.

P.S. – I got a call yesterday that my dress came in! I can hardly wait to go try it on and get the fittings started.