ABC’s of Me

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A. Age: 23

B. Bed Size: Queen bed that my mom bought me when I graduated from college. It is so darn comfy!

C. Chore You Dislike: Putting away clean clothes. I don’t mind washing and folding, just putting away.

D. Dogs: Nutmeg, age 4 

E. Essential Start to Your Day: Putting my contacts in and starting the day with a cup of coffee

F. Favorite Color: Light blue

G. Gold or Silver: I’m a silver girl for the most part, especially since my engagement ring is platinum.

H. Height: 5’10 I’ve been the same height since freshman year of high school

I. Instruments You Played: Piano from age 6 to 17, violin for a couple years, and trumpet from 5th grade until high school graduation

J. Job Title: Creative Services Food Editor for Meredith Integrated Marketing

K. Kids: Not for quite a while!

L. Live: Des Moines, Iowa

M. Mom’s Name: Marilyn

N. Nicknames: Most people just call me Madison, but some call me Madi

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: Nope!

P. Pet Peeves: Double negatives, bad manners, people who are unaware of current events, slow walkers (especially at the mall!)

Q. Quote From a Movie: “Tiffany’s, I’m just crazy about Tiffany’s. If I could find a real life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, well then, I would buy some furniture and give the cat a name!” – Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast and Tiffany’s (not sure why, but I just love it)

R. Righty or Lefty: Lefty and proud of it!

S. Siblings: Two younger sisters, Ashley and Taylor, and my soon-to-be siblings Amber, Jake and Jason

T. Time You Wake Up: Between 5 and 5:30 am

U. Underwear: ? Yes, I wear them.

V. Vegetables You Don’t Like: Kale and Swiss Chard

W. What Makes You Run Late: Having a tough time picking out an outfit, trying to photograph a recipe for the blog before work, watching too much Today Show

X. X-Rays You’ve Had: I’ve had x-rays on my neck a few times because I lack the curve that most people have in their neck.

Y. Yummy Food You Make: All on this blog!

Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: It’s been so long since I’ve been to the zoo, but I have always loved the tigers and lions at the zoo.