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HillCollection_4Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve developed a HUGE passion for supporting other moms and women entreprenuers. I know that for me, after having Ainsley I was looking for a way to take my passion for writing, social media and recipe development and transfer that into a career that allowed me a bit more flexibility and allowed me to spend a little more time with Ainsley during the week. It’s a dream to be able to develop recipes at home, work for FLYJOY remotely and continue to develop Espresso and Cream as a brand.

And so now, with the holiday season approaching, I want to showcase ways that we can spend with purpose this season. Why buy from the big-name stores when so many women and moms are producing beautiful, handmade jewelry, clothing and other artisan items? Why buy make-up at the department store when you can purchase through someone selling beauty products as a business? Why buy from Minted when people like my friend Astleigh are creating beautiful holiday cards? You get the idea. I’m hoping to make all of my purchase this holiday season from small, local and/or artisan retailers, and I’m going to be highlighting them along the way!

First up, my friend Astleigh’s business, Hill Collection Designs. Astleigh is a soon-to-be momma and fellow miscarriage momma. I’m so thankful we’ve gotten to know one another via the internet and hope we can sit down over a cup of coffee in real life some day. She’s incredibly talented and makes the most beautiful cards. She mocked up a few birth announcements, holiday cards and the like for me to share with you, and I can tell you now that we’ll be using her for our Christmas cards this year. Although I was so in love with the Thanksgiving card she made that I’m tempted to switch things up and send something in November instead!




Thanks, Astleigh, for sharing these cards with me and allowing me to highlight your business! If you want to check out all her designs, bop on over to Hill Collection Designs!