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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got a chance to spend a little quality time with friends and family. Joey and I spent the last five days back home in northwest Iowa and packed in as much time with loved ones as humanly possible. 
Maybe we spent a little too much time on the go, because this morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat and just felt pretty crummy overall. I’m hoping that a little extra sleep and a day to rest tomorrow before going back to work on Wednesday will help me mend quickly. 
Here are a few of the highlights from our Christmas…
1. Hanging out with our nephew, Baylen, and getting to help babysit while mom and dad went on a date to celebrate their four year anniversary. 
2. Attending the wedding of a high school friend and getting to catch up with people I haven’t seen in years was so much fun. The bride, Janna, looked beautiful and we were lucky enough to be seated at a great table. 
3. Nutmeg was quite the charmer all week long while wearing her Christmas bow. 
4. Grandma Dorothy came over for Christmas breakfast. My mom, in typical fashion, had a beautifully-set table and amazing food. 
5. Seeing my mom open her gift (an espresso maker) was so much fun! Being the coffee-fanatic that she is, we knew we had found the perfect gift. 
6. Joe and I also managed to take a picture before the Christmas-day festivities began. The weather in Iowa was amazing! So warm that we didn’t even need coats as we traveled to various family functions. As far as I’m concerned, the snow can stay away all winter. 
7. We capped off Christmas night with the traditional Bomgaars family Christmas party. Our entire family was home this year so we took full advantage and snapped a family photo.