Weekend Giveaway Winner

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  {Emily and Brian who are getting married in May!}
Happy Monday, everyone! Have I told you all how much I love you? You seriously rock. I now have a whole lot of ‘fun homework’ ahead of me this week, checking out the blogs and magazines you all recommended, and I have a feeling my Google Reader is going to get lots of fun, new additions!
And while we’re on the subject of giveaway entries, let’s get to the real good news….

Congratulations to Saf Mohsin! Please e-mail me (madisonjanemayberry@gmail.com) with your name and address and I’ll get your Silpat baking mat in the mail right away!

In other news, this weekend I had a full apartment! Joey arrived on Friday night and my friend Emily and her fiancée Brian showed up on Saturday morning. Emily, who is the maid of honor in my wedding, has been my best friend since freshmen year of college, and although we are now separated by about four hours, every time we get together it feels as if no time has passed since I last saw her. I’ve been pushing for her to start a fashion blog and will make sure to let you know if she does.

We drank plenty of coffee, took a trip to the mall so Joey could make a long-awaited purchase and ate plenty of delicious grub. A personal highlight for me was dinner Saturday night at a place in the East Village of Des Moines called Open Sesame. The Falafel Salad was to die for. Remind me that I must recreate this at home soon.
I’ve got a healthy little dessert coming your way tomorrow, so stay tuned! 
{Can you tell he’s excited about his new iPad?}