Snacks and Sleep

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This weekend my grand plans for a weekend up in Minneapolis were sidelined by the cold I’ve been attempting to ward off for over two weeks. You see, I’m not all that good at accepting that I’m sick. Even when my throat is burning and my chest is heavy, I’ve been known to head for the gym. Seems as if exercise and good food aren’t the solution to everything.

So instead of heading up north for a couple days of fun, I surrendered to my cold and took it easy for the last 48 hours – sleeping over 20 hours in two days. Turns out sleep is completely underrated.  Joey arrived on Saturday, fresh from sales training, to oversee my recovery…

Aside from laying on the couch and watching entirely too much football, I snacked on a lot of pretty food. Maybe it sounds silly, but the way some people see God’s glory in nature, I see it in food. Seriously. Look at those pears, dusted with cinnamon and dripping in nut butter. Now that’s my idea of beauty, and an unbelievable snack.