Monday Is For Coffee

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I had no intention of leaving my blog unattended for this many days, but as is typical, life sometimes goes by much too fast! Now that I am back to the weekday routine, I decided that a perfect post for Monday was one about my all-time favorite drink. I have been remiss in posting about that which this very blog derives its name… espresso of course! While reading my daily dose of news and searching the internet this morning, I … Read More

Steel Cut Oats

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This post, due to a crazy schedule, will be a bit shorter than most, but I wanted to take time to pay tribute to my mom’s favorite breakfast food. While not a blogger herself, she did seem to think she should have input into the editorial content of THIS blog. Photo credits on this post even go to her, because in her enthusiasm for me to post about her beloved steel cut oatmeal, she took photos of her own breakfast. … Read More

Whole Wheat Pear and Plum Crostada

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More often than not, when fall finally rolls around I am more than ready. The relief of crisp, cool air is much needed after three months of heat and humidity. But not this year. An unusually mild, and dare I say cool, summer has left me in a bit of a difficult spot. I am a devoted lover of all things fall, yet without a blistering hot summer, I find myself stuck between clinging to summer and welcoming in my … Read More

Cinnamon Spiced Oatmeal Pancakes

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More often than not, the best recipe ideas come to me when I am laying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. The longer it takes, the more developed the recipes become. Sometimes the excitement over my new idea, usually a breakfast item because of its proximity to waking up, becomes so great that falling asleep becomes a challenge. Of course this leaves me too tired the next day to get much done, let alone have the motivation to cook something … Read More

Restaurant Review: Lucca

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At it’s most basic, food is nothing more than fuel to complete daily tasks. I’m as guilty as anyone of not stopping to actually taste what I am putting into my mouth between classes and work. But Lucca is the kind of restaurant that reminds you why it is such a cherished tradition to enjoy, experience, and savor the food we put into our bodies. Recently, a friend of mine moved to Des Moines from Chicago, and when we made … Read More

Fresh Pickings

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I think everyone can agree, there is something about coming home. No matter the age, coming home is so beautifully comforting. The smells, sights, and voices of the familiar put me at ease the moment I step foot inside my house.  What brought me home this weekend was my cousin, Curtis. Born only two months apart and raised in the same town, we have a relationship that is both cousin and close friend. He spent the summer in Quito, Ecuador, … Read More

Breakfast Dilemmas

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Breakfast. In my opinion, one of the most glorious times of the day. I’m a morning person by nature, made even more so by a few cups of strong coffee. My favorite mornings are those when I am able to sit and have a long breakfast, usually stretching over a couple hours, while watching the Today Show and reading the paper. But beyond coffee, breakfast can also present some challenges, because what is consumed in the morning usually sets the … Read More

Love + Hate

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Cookbooks and I have somewhat of a complex relationship. They are both loved and hated simultaneously. In my tiny room, amid limited desk space, the top shelf is lined with everything from Cooking with Les Dames d’Escoffier to The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. I’ve spent hours curled up in front of the TV with cookbooks, enamored as much with the photos as the recipes themselves. In these books I find inspiration for new recipes, but I have a confession……very rarely do … Read More

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Today marks my last “first day” of classes….ever! I can hardly believe that my last semester of college is here. As a way to celebrate the last weekend of summer, I made a trip up to Minnesota to visit my best friend and have a relaxing weekend of good food, shopping, and catching up before classes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of many of the great things we ate this weekend! I’m still growing accustomed to the idea of … Read More

Cafe di Scala

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I had the most delicious dinner tonight at Cafe di Scala, made even better with the company of some amazing ladies at Better Homes and Gardens and Meredith Corporation. The lovely Maggie organized the dinner as a way to celebrate my summer internship, since it ends tomorrow! I can hardly believe the summer has gone so fast and I will be starting school again next week. Thankfully I will be staying on at Better Homes and Gardens this fall on … Read More

Birthday Cupcakes

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At Better Homes and Gardens, we like to celebrate birthdays. And it’s shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that we do it with food! Our amazing editorial assistant in Food and Entertaining, Renee, is celebrating a birthday so tomorrow we are all bringing treats. My contribution? Cupcakes of course! I think I am going to name these cupcakes “Maria.” They are spice cupcakes filled with raspberry preserves and topped with vanilla frosting. I also added handmade gum paste flowers … Read More

The Power of Food

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I’m often amazed at the power food has in our lives. It’s not what drew me to food in the first place, but as I’ve gotten older, this power is what has kept my mind and heart drawn to food. When I was little, the most important thing food provided me was a creative outlet. Since I am not a particularly crafty person, my artwork is made in the kitchen. I attribute much of my cooking ability to my mother, … Read More