Tamale Casserole

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  Being someone who loves to cook, I didn’t anticipate the stress that would come from having to prepare a meal for our little family every night. Before Joey and I got married, dinner used to be the meal I used to round out my day. If I had eaten a lot of fruit for breakfast and lunch, I would choose whole grains and veggies for dinner. And if I was low on protein earlier in the day, dinner would … Read More

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{Cupcakes from our pastor’s wife, Karen. They were amazing!} {Our nephew, Baylen, hanging out with Nutmeg.} {Nutmeg went on a lot of long, muddy walks, meaning she also took a lot of baths.} {Dedicated dog washer: Joe!} {Self-portrait, camera-style.} Although our weekend was, undoubtedly, a sad occasion, we did have some wonderful time with family over the past four days. We took countless walks with Nutmeg and my mom around the golf course, ate a lot of wonderful meals with … Read More

Broccoli Beef

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Before I say anything else, I want to thank all of you for your kindness and support during this bittersweet time for our family. Although I knew the community found though blogging was supportive, I can’t begin to describe how supported I felt by the community created on this site. Through Tweets, Facebook messages, e-mails and blog comments, you made your support known. Thank you! Funerals and visitations aren’t really picture-taking affairs, so I only have a couple photos from … Read More

Saying Goodbye

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On Monday morning after almost 91 years of life, my Grandma Dorothy passed away after suffering a stroke the week before. To say she was an amazing woman would be an understatement. An educated woman and teacher by trade, my grandma devoted much of her life to being a wife, raising her five children and managing life on the farm – which from what I’ve been told was packed with hard, physical work. Dorothy’s greatest joy was, without a doubt, … Read More

No Fat Talk Tuesday: Laura’s Story

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{The day I felt the most beautiful I ever have in my entire life. Although I must confess, I had one flair up where secretly I was grateful wedding dresses are traditionally long. Doh!} I have been looking forward to sharing Laura’s story with you ever since she offered be a part of No Fat Talk Tuesday. Laura was a dear friend of mine in college, and when I first met her I was blown away by her joyful spirit … Read More

Broccoli-Avocado Sandwich

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Sometimes I hesitate to give you a recipe for a sandwich. I mean, who really needs a recipe for two slices of bread filled with whatever you have on hand in your pantry, right? Then again, everyone loves  Joey and I were eating lunch yesterday after cleaning the house for two hours(!!) (that man is a master at cleaning bathrooms) and the sandwich I was eating had Joe scratching his head. Broccoli? On a sandwich? I say why not! The … Read More

Walking Down Memory Lane

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This morning I caught myself walking down memory lane by sifting through old pictures on Facebook. Man, there’s really no better way to feel like time is flying by than to look at old pictures, is there? I feel like just yesterday I was beginning sorority recruitment at Iowa State. Time sure does fly! Here are a few (very old) pictures for a little Friday fun.  {Senior year school play. I don’t remember much about the plot, other than I … Read More

Healthier Whole Wheat Pizookie

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  Are you in the ‘I need something sweet after dinner’ club with me? Even if it’s nothing big, just a piece of chocolate or a mug of diet hot chocolate, I have to have a little something for dinner to feel complete. Other times, I crave something more substantial, like a cookie or ice cream. Or, in this case, a pizookie. I was first introduced to the concept of a pizookie by Fitnessista, who has an undying love for … Read More