Velveeta-Chili Dip

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  If you’re anything like us, chances are you’re going to spend at least a little bit of time watching a football game (or four) on Saturday and Sunday. And if you’re really like us, you’ll probably find yourself standing and shouting at the TV while watching the Broncos game on Saturday night. When we’re particularly interested in one of the games, I like to make things a little more exciting by preparing a few traditional football eats. And while … Read More

Goals for 2012

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1. No ‘Fat Talk’ in 2012 Yes, you heard me right. I’m instituting a no ‘fat talk’ policy for the entire year. When the idea first came to my mind, I thought there was no way I could go a whole year without verbally saying things like “I look fat” or “my thighs look huge”. But as hard as it may be, I think it’s worth pursuing. That’s not to say that I’m planning on becoming complacent with my fitness goals. … Read More

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

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 Hi again! How was your weekend? Joey and I spend a bunch of time watching football, like four games worth. Since it’s the playoffs and all, we figure we’re justified spending hours on the couch for the next few weekends knowing the dreadful stretch of football-less weekends is coming up quickly. A tried and true Florida Gators fan, I am still basking in the glow of the Denver Broncos-Pittsburgh Steelers game and the glory that is watching Tim Tebow pass … Read More

Black Bean Brownies

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Three months ago I took a trip to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market in downtown Des Moines over our lunch hour. The day was beautiful and I was impressed with the selection of tasty lunch items the small farmer’s market had to offer. But what really drew me in was a small whole foods stand selling, among other things, black bean brownies. As you can probably imagine, I couldn’t resist trying a sample and hearing about what this black bean brownie … Read More

Casually Ringing in the New Year

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{At one point in the evening, we were dressed presentably. However, it didn’t take us long to switch into sweats and our most comfortable tops. No sparkles at this party.} {Amber, Baylen and Jake enjoying appetizers at Lonski’s in Grinnell.} {Showing off Joey’s office space to our siblings. Since our apartment is a loft, it’s nice to have some work-life separation by renting an office space.}  {The soon-to-be newlyweds, Jason and Ali.} {Happy 2012!} As you can see, we laid … Read More

Easy Three Bean Beef Chili

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I can hardly believe that 2012 is already here and 2011 is just a memory. While I spent the most of last week and this past weekend sick with a killer cold, we did manage to have a little bit of fun ringing in the new year. Joey’s sister and brother-in-law, Amber and Jake, along with baby Baylen, as well as Joey’s brother, Jason and his fiancé, Ali, all made the trip to Grinnell to stay with us for the … Read More