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Apple Cinnamon Muffins with Pecans

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After a little bit of a hiatus from sharing recipes on E&C, I’m finally back with something new and ultra tasty to share. Although I have a deep and long-standing love for all things pumpkin, I feel like apples really get overlooked during the fall months because of the popularity of pumpkin. Anyone else feel that way, too? It’s really a shame since apples are one of my favorite foods, and don’t even get me started with apple pie, crisp … Read More

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Getting and Staying Pregnant: What We Did Differently

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I realize that I’ve posted quite a bit about pregnancy-related topics lately. Hang with me if pregnancy posts drive you crazy, because I have some great recipes coming to the site later this month! Since opening up about our difficult journey to baby, my inbox has been flooded with questions about doctors and medicines and acupuncture. I’m always happy to answer each question individually via e-mail, but I wanted to put it all into a single post as another resource for … Read More

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18 Weeks

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How far along are you?  18 weeks 2 days Generally Feeling: Overall I’ve been feeling really good this week. The nausea is (finally) starting to subside about 95% of the time and it’s only when I wait too long to eat that I really start to feel sick. I’ve been drinking a lot more water which has been keeping the headaches at bay and my energy is really fantastic.  At 17 weeks I started running again, which felt amazing, but a few … Read More