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Quick & Easy Every Day Makeup

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Good morning! If you’re time-pressed like I am most days, then you probably find getting ready every morning to be a little bit of a pain. Hey, I want to look put-together and pretty like everyone else, but the idea of spending a lot of time doing so isn’t my jam. Thankfully over the last number of months as a mom I’ve perfected my quick and easy makeup routine. It takes about 6 minutes (maybe less when I’m not trying to … Read More

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Favorite Old Navy Finds

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This weekend Joe and I took a trip to our nearest city, about an hour away, because I was in serious need of being around large groups of people, eating Chick-Fil-A and drinking a cup of Starbucks while browsing stores and picking up a few things for Ainsley’s first birthday! (Cue all the tears…) I ended up going to Old Navy because it’s my go-to for cute, cheap basics and trendier items I’m not sure I really want to spend … Read More

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Let’s Talk Postpartum Hair

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I was prepared for a lot of the typical things about the postpartum stage of life, but I was completely unprepared for postpartum hair. Sure, friends told me you would lose a lot of hair after having a baby, but I guess I didn’t really understand that the hair you lost would eventually grow back in. And the regrowth, you guys? It’s about 100x worse than the hair loss! After I quit breastfeeding the hair loss began. The thick, amazing … Read More

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New Mom Style :: Comfy Casual {+ a giveaway!}

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Jeans from Madewell :: Sweater from Anthropologie :: Shoes from Tieks :: Legend Pendant Necklace c/o Kim Jensen :: Aurora Ring Set c/o Kim Jensen :: Deja Vu Pearl Studs c/o Kim Jensen Curating a practical mom-drobe has changed the way I shop. Because I’m toting a messy, drooly baby around town half of the day, my clothes rarely make it through the day without a few spots and stains, meaning dry clean only items are a thing of the … Read More

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My Skincare Routine: Part 1

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Six months ago I sent out a call on Facebook for recommendations of safe, high quality skincare and makeup. One of you recommended I check out Beautycounter. I tried out a few products to start (hey, they give a 60 day money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to loose!) and fell in love with the line. Everything I used felt so good on my skin. It was gentle, yet effective, and left my complexion much smoother and more even … Read More

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Updated Top Knot Tutorial For Longer Hair

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Lately I’ve been wearing my hair up in a top-knot more and more. As my hair has gotten longer it’s my go-to easy style for looking semi put-together while not having to spend a ton of time on my hair. Because, let’s be honest, I just don’t have a ton of time to spend on my hair these days and my hair is looking less than stellar thanks to that dreaded postpartum hair loss. The struggle is real, y’all. Since … Read More

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The Secret to Great Hair

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Okay, this post’s title is a little bit of a joke when you consider the photo above, but I just had to bop in and share a little tip that’s been making a huge difference in how my hair looks and how often I have to wash and dry it. Now that my hair is getting on the longer side, it’s become more and more of a hassle to blow dry. I am to only wash my hair 2-3 times … Read More

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An (almost) New Momma’s Beauty Routine

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I may not be an expert on all things beauty, but I love doing beauty posts and reading about blogger beauty routines. Anyone else with me? Since we’re in baby countdown mode, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my beauty routine fits into my new momma routine. I am fully aware of the fact that I’ll have less time to devote to getting ready once baby arrives, so my strategy has been to invest in really great beauty products … Read More

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Summer Beauty Faves

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  It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty product round-up. Since I’ve discovered a few new favorite products in the last couple of months, I thought I would share a few of my favorite products that are keeping me feeling fresh-faced (and good smelling) this summer. 1. Bare Minerals BareSkin liquid foundation  I am in love with this foundation. I’m not typically one to wear foundation because it feels too heavy for my skin, but I love the … Read More

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Face Shapes and Makeup

In Fashion, Uncategorized by Madison Mayberry6 Comments

When it comes to makeup, I will be the first to tell you that I know very little. I rarely mix-up my look, I tend to stick with the same neutral eye shadow for work and special occasions, and the idea of lip color scares me to death. I think my experience with wearing too much makeup in middle school really scarred me for life. Sure, I wear makeup most days, but I don’t wear much. I’ve always wanted to … Read More

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Curling Wand Tutorial (Video)

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Curling Wand Tutorial (Click Here!) I don’t usually post twice in one day. But you asked for a tutorial on how to use a curling wand and I delivered. If you’ve ever wondered how to get loose, wavy curls that look natural, the secret is a curling wand! Or, if you’re cheap like me, watch the video for a DIY version… Have a happy weekend, friends! Madison

Soft and Wavy Curls

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Are you all as addicted to Pinterest as I am? I should clarify that I’m addicted to looking at Pinterest and finding ideas. But since I’m slightly type-A, I find it hard to pull the trigger and actually ‘pin’ things for fear that my boards will become messy and disorganized. I suppose that’s all beside the point, since what I really want to talk about is hair. Pinterest is, I’ve decided, most useful for two things: recipe organization and hair … Read More