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Ainsley 3 Month Update

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  Likes and Dislikes: Little Miss Ainsley is non-stop action and personality these days! I love continuing to get to know her more and more and she truly is so much FUN to be around. Ainsley Loves: people singing, being lifted into the air again and again by dad, playing in her Jumparoo bouncer, eating, watching her puppies run around the house and laughing at mom and dad Ainsley Dislikes: having to wait to eat, waking up early from naps (she gets super … Read More

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There is no shame in formula (and other truths about motherhood)

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Photo by Gina Zeidler I really don’t mean to stir the pot with the title of this post, but I’ve had so many thoughts flying around in my head as I reflect on the first 12 weeks of motherhood. Those first months are full of self-doubt and questions, especially when your baby doesn’t go “by the book” the way you had planned. Ha! Does any baby? For me, when things with Ainsley weren’t going the way I thought they … Read More

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Exclusively Pumping: Making It Less Miserable

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  Flashback photo from Ainsley’s first week of life, when we were still figuring out the whole pumping/bottle feeding thing. Eeek! Can you believe how little she is there? Be still my momma heart.  I think one thing everyone who has ever breast fed can agree on is this: pumping is absolutely the worst. Anyone with me on that one? Although Ainsley is only two months old, I have already put my pump to good use since I’ve been exclusively pumping … Read More

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Ainsley 2 Month Update

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Likes and Dislikes: This month has been so much fun because her little personality is really emerging more and more every day. Joe and I say every day that she is more fun than the day before. Ainsley Loves: having people sing to her, smiling at friends and family, eating, playing on her baby gym, playing with her daddy and practicing rolling over, hanging out in the Ergo and dancing around the house with mom while music is playing in the … Read More

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Ainsley 1 Month Update

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  I can’t believe that our little baby is 1 month old today! The last month seems to have been the longest, shortest, best, hardest month of our lives; motherhood is such a study in contrasts, isn’t it? I’m tempted to say that I want to go back and do it all over again, this last month, but that wouldn’t be true. Although the last month has been wonderful, adjusting to life with a new little person is a huge … Read More

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Ainsley’s Birth Story

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I should start by saying that I went into labor with very few expectations or ideas of how I wanted things to do. I didn’t write a birth plan, was undecided on how I felt about pain medication and was sure that I would have a very long labor since my mom had a very long labor with me. In short, my expectations of labor were low and I fully expected it to be miserable and long, and I was … Read More

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Pregnancy and Body Image

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I’ve spent a lot of time over the years writing about body image on this site. It’s been such a blessing to hear stories from so many other women who have struggled with body confidence and self-acceptance and are now loving and embracing their bodies and all that they can do. Although I’ve made huge strides over the years in loving and appreciating my own body, I have to admit that I was very, very worried about my body and … Read More

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38 Weeks

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How far along are you? 38 weeks 4 days Cravings? Smoothies, orange juice, water with ice and real fruit popsicles. Weight Gain: At my 38 week appointment I was up 29 pounds. I’ve heard that as labor approaches sometimes you lose a few pounds? I’m guessing my total weight gain will fall right around 30 pounds for this pregnancy. Fears: I’ve been increasingly worried about our baby’s health. I think it’s pretty normal, but it’s hard not to worry about things going well and baby being born healthy. … Read More

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36 Weeks

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First, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted a pregnancy update. I looked back and the last update I did was at 27 weeks. Honestly, the third trimester has been a combination of busy and uneventful, so I haven’t had much to write about pregnancy-wise. Now that I’m in the home stretch, I’m excited to get the updates going again! How far along are you? 36 weeks 4 days Cravings? The entire third trimester has been all about me craving smoothies! … Read More

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What I’m Packing in My Hospital Bag

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Joe and I have been in full-time baby preparations lately, getting everything ready for our little peanut’s arrival. At 36 weeks pregnant, the car seat bases and car seat have now been installed, the baby clothes are washed and we have plenty of wipes, diapers and all the practical things that a baby needs. My most recent project has been packing my hospital bag so I’m ready at a moment’s notice. I’m not all the way there yet, but I’m … Read More

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Baby H Maternity Photos

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I knew from the start that we wanted to have newborn photos taken professionally in our home after Baby H arrives (in just about 5 weeks!) but I was a little unsure about taking maternity photos. I’ve seen so many maternity photos that make me uncomfortable (bare bellies really aren’t my thing!) and sometimes they feel so forced. But when I booked Gina to take our newborn photos and she offered to do a small mini maternity session of about … Read More

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A Baby Shower for Baby H

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It was so wonderful to head home last weekend and spend a little time celebrating Baby Hofmeyer at our first baby shower! My mom’s amazing friends hosted the shower at my mom’s house and a handful of my good friends from high school were also there to celebrate. I can’t believe that we’re past the 32 week mark and that little one will be here so soon. To be surrounded by so many people who have prayed for our baby … Read More